Dear Fellow Writer,

 Welcome to Writers Inner Circle, also known as WIC!! If you are visiting this page you are either a writer or know/love someone who is! I want to thank you for taking time to be here.

Writers are a unique bunch … we respond to a story that awakens us at three o’clock in the morning and ponder the inspiration over a cup tea while the rest of the world sleeps. Something deep within keeps nagging, insisting that we give birth and a voice to the story. Our imagination wants us to put a pen in its hand! Story comes to each of us in unique unexplainable ways and ignoring a visit from our muse is nearly impossible. To ignore our inner motivation to write is to deny ourselves.

Writers Inner Circle (WIC) was originally created to support its members, regardless of a writer’s expertise or experience. It has worked its magic, and through community we as writers have been able to settle into our craft and work through our doubt with the help of others. WIC’s community can help writers find their legs, especially when it comes to being authentically who we are.

In the past two years, four members have created and published compelling books, each one from different a genre. What I have witnessed is that regardless of publication, each person moved more confidently into their work and towards their goal. They became comfortable having a love affair with words, and story, and imagination. It is even better than chocolate!

While Writers Inner Circle has been in a constant state of evolution since it was founded in 2013 it is like any good story. Its twists and turns, successes and challenges have made it uniquely different from other writing groups. Now, WIC’s story continues into the mystery of the unknown with only the purpose of supporting every writer’s goal.

Stay tuned as we grow and evolve. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/writersinnercircle/ and become part of the conversation. Most importantly, never allow anyone to take you away from what brings you satisfaction, joy, or fulfillment as a writer. Writing is an art and without the words of writers the world would still be living in darkness…so please shine your light! Go bravely into the night and know you are on the right path.

 With love and respect for all writers  …