Below you will find a brief description of books written by Candace George Conradi.  She is currently working on her fifth book, 1323 Sherman. Each of her books uniquely captures Candace's compassionate voice with messages that inspire readers. Honest and transparent, her stories are entertaining, sometimes melancholic, sometimes humorous, but always insightful. Candace's books are available at Amazon in bound copies as well as e-book formats. 

Diamond Moms
A mother's guide to raising
a baseball player

A baseball handbook that takes moms from little league to college recruiting. Written based on the author's experience as the mom whose son played highly competitive baseball for 17 years, Diamond Moms is an invaluable reference guide not only for moms but for dads as well.

Candace Conradi provides a much needed perspective on the entire process of raising a ballplayer. Her insights will be extremely helpful to any mom whose son wants to develop his full potential on the baseball diamond.

Chairman, The Center for Sports Parenting

The Gentle Pine's Purpose

Follow the life of a pine tree from its beginning in a meadow to its destination as a Christmas tree. A wonderful fable about the seasons of life and the importance of knowing our purpose. For more on The Gentle Pine's Purpose and to view its dedicated website click here.

A Reader's Perspective: Candace created a magical allegory of the lifelong human desire to seek meaning from existence.


The Soul Sitter's Handbook

The Soul Sitter's Handbook; co-authored with Stacey Canfield, founder of, is an invaluable Handbook that offers support and loving guidelines for those caring for a loved one facing the end of their life.  The Soul Sitter's Handbook eases the experience of the soul sitter, offering loving ways to communicate and be present during this very challenging time. 

A Reader's Perspective: ... you can hold the hand of your loved one with confidence, love, grace, ease and a calming peace in your heart.

Sweet Tweets

Sweet Tweets 140 Characters of Wisdom, A smattering of tweets gathered from the author's Twitter account. Produced as a handbook for its reader, it is meant to be written in, reflected upon and used as a journal for reflective thoughts.

Don't let its size fool you, 'Sweet Tweets' is not a book you can sit down and read from cover to cover. It's so jam packed with 140 characters of uplifting inspiration that you're going to want to savor each piece all on its own, like a rich tasty bite of fine chocolate.  I'll be keeping it close at hand for quick smiles or for delicious journal prompts because the way Conradi fills each line is truly thought provoking.

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