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Do you feel empty after reaching a goal and think "I thought this would make me happy but…"

Have you ever thought "why do I feel like something is missing" even though you have everything you thought you wanted?

Do you feel stuck?


Join Candace George Conradi as she explores the human condition with compassion, insight, and honesty.

Featured as a guest on local television shows and national radio showsCandace’s work is recognized for its cutting edge message.

Her books, articles, and blogs change perspectives and offer personal insight on living a fulfilled life. Like a rubber band that once stretched never returns to its former size, Conradi’s books might just change your mind…or possibly your life!

Helping the disillusioned renew their passion for living and recommit to their lives in a powerful and personal way





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The Gentle Pine’s Purpose : Follow the life of a pine tree from its beginning in a meadow to its destination as a Christmas tree. A wonderful fable about the seasons of life and the importance of knowing our purpose.

A Reader's Perspective : Candace created a magical allegory of the lifelong human desire to seek meaning from existence.


Soul Sitters Handbook; co-authored with Stacey Canfield : Co-authored with Stacey Canfield, founder of, this invaluable Handbook offers support and loving guidelines for those caring for a loved one facing the end of their life. The Soul Sitters Handbook eases the experience of the soul sitter, offering loving ways to communicate and be present during this very challenging time.

A Reader's Perspective : …you can hold the hand of your loved one with confidence, love, grace, ease and a calming peace in your heart.


Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom : A smattering of tweets gathered from the author's Twitter account. Produced as a handbook for its reader, it is meant to be written in, reflected upon, and used as a journal for reflective thoughts. Visit author's Twitter site at /CandieLea and share your voice!

A Reader's Perspective : Candace Conradi has created a true gift to soothe our souls. Uplifting, inspiring gems straight from her heart to yours.


Diamond Moms, A Mothers Guide to Raising a Baseball Player : A baseball handbook that takes moms from little league to college recruiting. Written based on the author's experience as the mom whose son played highly competitive baseball for 17 years, Diamond Moms is an invaluable reference guide not only for  moms but for dads as well.

A Reader's Perspective : Candace Conradi provides a much needed perspective….